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At Empower we spark enthusiasm, motivation, and fun in our fitness classes to work the muscles and help give women the strength mentally, physically and emotionally for a healthier body and ultimately better quality of life. Empower is the enthusiasm of all the women who love being together apart of the workout journey!

Personal Training


"Nichole, thanks for all you do in helping me obtaining my goals. Not only am I a lot stronger, but I have lost 20 lbs. I wake up excited for our next session. Working out with you has really been a game changer." 

David Stange  01/28/2015

If your not sure how to perform exercises, or you want more accountability and a class setting is not for you, one-on-one Personal Training sounds like the best fit and see amazing results within 6-weeks to 3-months!

VersaSpa Spray Tanning


Go Beyond Tan. The VersaSpa Automated Spray Tan Machine combines the science of skin care with advanced tanning technology to rejuvenate the skin for a beautiful tan. The machine uses the most popular Norvell Clear Dark or the Norvell Venetian color product lines combined with a Norvell pH balancer to give your skin the most even and optimal color quality spray tan. Call to find out about our monthly unlimited memberships!

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Team Bio

Nichole Morrison, past Fitness Director and Certified Personal Trainer, is an Honors Graduate of Loyola Marymount University with a BA in International Business & a Minor in Training & Development.  Nichole is also a Certified BUTI Yoga, Yoga, Barre and FXP Hula Hoop Fitness Instructor. Nichole currently personally trains clients at her personal studio in Lenox Village, Nashville, TN while conducts women's Group fitness classes with two awesome empowering instructors, Kat Mercado, Jen Spice and Tessa Mendoza at the EMPOWER Studio in Lenox Village.  Together as a team we bring the best of the best in Bootcamps, Tabata HIIT, CardioCore, Deep Barre, BUTI Yoga, Revive Vinyasa Yoga, FXP HulaHoop and Street HipHop Fitness classes!

Prior to Empower and 3-years of her own private personal training/class studio in Lenox Village, Nichole's past highlights involve operating as a Fitness Director for over 5+ years her downtown Sydney Studio, in Australia where she worked with over 1000 clients to achieve their weight-loss and fitness goals. Working with clients individually utilizing the L250 Training Machine and Hypervibe Vibrational Training Machines, as well as specific aerobic and anaerobic personal training programs, Nichole’s training techniques have helped improve her clients strength and flexibility to result with increased muscle tone and lower body fat percentage. The positive results achieved helped clients improve poor eating habits and incorporate new forms of exercise into their lifestyle to promote self-confidence, motivation, overall health and wellbeing.

Real Results

"This has been an amazing way for me to get back in shape post-baby. I lost 17 cm and 8 lbs. after 6 sessions! Nichole is an excellent trainer and so easy to work with. All you Brentwood/Nashville people should check it out! I highly recommend Nicker's Secret Training Machine!"  - Jacqueline Dovgalyuk, M.D.   Jan 2014

"Helped me drop a dress size in 5-weeks. I'd lost 5-6 kilos (11-13lbs) in total, 32.5cm all over." Jodie Sutherland, 31 Cosmopolitan Bride Oct 2012, Extreme Bridal Makeovers

-"Great for fat and cellulite. After going three times a week for four weeks, I had lost 2kg (4.5lbs) and a total of 32.5cm off my waist, tummy, and hips without doing any other exercise. There were still minor traces of cellulite, but for a girl who spends her beach days in board shorts, I was thrilled." Jane Worthington, Health Editor - Women's Day Nov 2012, Cellulite Buster Rating 9/10-

"I found the cycling portion challenging, but never strenuous. I was really happy with my results - I actually lost a total of 23cm off those stubborn areas such as my stomach, hips and thighs." OK! Mag, Nov 2012, OK! says.


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Class Descriptions

BootCamp - as its traditionally known to be, TOUGH. Start with a 1min mile, followed by 40/20 or 60/30 method - you name it, buries, push-ups, jump ropes, weighted-squats and lunges, sprints, abs - a complete total body overhaul.

CardioCore - An ab overhaul typically on a 40/20 sec method. Running, sprints, jumping jacks, battle rope, mountain climbers, pushups, medicine slam balls, planks, TRX mixed all up with abs in-between - could get rough!

Tabata Burn - HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training - based on the 20/10 sec method designed to give your body a workout overhaul with high-intensive metabolic weight circuits combined with isometrics that are both aerobic and anaerobic to burn fat, and build lean muscle in the places we need it most.  Burn baby Burn!

Deep Barre - Improve posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility and reduced stress - combining isometric exercises and a Barre (holding the body still while contracting a specific set of muscles with high reps of small range-of-motion movements).  A medium intensity class that is suitable for any fitness level. Great way to change it up!

BUTI Yoga - an awesome core body overhaul, using tribal dance, yoga and plyometrics to get the body toned physically while strengthening the mind and releasing emotions.  The most intense power workout to charge the endorphins to positively shape and strengthen the body and mind. No limitations for this class!

FXP HulaHoop Fitness - offer a unique blend of pilates, barre and yoga-inspired moves...all with a hula hoop! The flow of sequences ignites your metabolism, tones, sculpts, and stretches the body to help achieve goals. Low to moderate intensity, there is no need to know how to waist hoop to be able to perform the moves in this workout. Guaranteed to have you smiling, sweating, and wanting more!

Revive Yoga - a Vinyasa flow, utilising breathing with movement. To provide a compassionate, supportive environment where healing can occur on all levels (mind, body, spirit), through gentle yoga and meditation flow practices. It is believed that through sweat disease can leave the body and purification can occur. This class uses reliable, trusted techniques (linking gentle movements and focused concentration on breath) into a flow of exercises to promote "internal cleansing" and well-being in all areas of life. Whether new to yoga, have a preexisting condition, or simply looking to go deeper with your pracitice this is an excellent class to take you on your path to a healthier life.

Street HipHop - an aerobic fitness street and funk class utilizing urban moves known as breaking, locking and popping from African-American culture. Heaps of fun to get the moves and sweat on!!

L250 Trainer


“Hailed as the most effective fat burning and cellulite reduction treatment to come on the market” by the UK media, it’s the natural and sustainable way to achieve fast weight loss in as little as 4 weeks.

Your about to find out the secret the European ladies have been keeping to help their bodies stay toned and cellulite free...and it's now finally here in Nashville, TN!  The "L250 Training Machine" combines a revolutionary technology that alternates high and low vacuum pressure with an anerobic cycling exercise to help target fat in those areas which just won’t budge. The low impact 30 minute train is safe, pain free and completely natural – helping your body to tap into stubborn fat stores while you work out. Clients can lose up to 24-30 centimetres (10 inches)  from their problem areas in 12 sessions – this is about 25% faster results found in conventional exercise alone.

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